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About Me


Hello everyone! My name is Bridget Karp and I recently  graduated with a degree in Speech and Hearing Sciences from the University of Washington (Class of 2016). In the near future, I want to pursue a masters in speech pathology and work with children. For now, I’m living back at home in Danville, CA enjoying life filled with travel, home cooked meals, exercising, working 2 education and child oriented jobs, and many other aspects of what makes up my Happy and Healthy Adventure. I’ll be posting about my travels, recipes, fitness, and everything in between. Life is about balance; that balance consists of doing things that make you happy and healthy. Some activities make us happy but maybe aren’t the healthiest; like eating an entire pint of ice cream when you’re sad, watching Netflix for hours upon end, or drinking 4 cups of coffee a day (guilty). Some things are healthy habits but we may not be our happiest doing them, like sweating profusely during a workout or going to the dentist. But life is about balance, and if you’re out there doing your thing and you’re happy and healthy, that’s what matters. So go out there and you do you! Hopefully you enjoy my blog about my personal happy and healthy adventure, incorporate some of my ideas into your everyday life, and enjoy a happy and healthy adventure too. 🙂 ❤