My Beach Body Journey (Round 1)

I have just finished my first round of the 21 Day Fix by Beach Body! Although I haven’t lost a lot of weight; this fitness program has definitely improved my health for the better! I hadn’t ever tried a program like this, so initially I was nervous for so many reasons.

There are containers that portion out your food for you so you don’t over eat. I first saw the containers and thought, “These are tiny! Do I only get one of these per day? I’m going to starve!” However, depending on your weight, target caloric intake, and body type; the food portioning system really works and you won’t be starving (I promise). The purpose of the containers is just to help you keep in check that you’re not eating more food than necessary and that you’re getting the right number of portions of healthy foods for you per day. At first, it was tough for me to accept that I wouldn’t get to have a lot of carbs (bread and pasta are my favorite foods), you were limited on how much cheese and guacamole you would consume (another two of my favorite foods), and you had to get A LOT of veggies in (5-1 cup servings per day). But after a couple of days, I got into the swing of things and was fueling my body with more of the healthy foods and less of the fatty foods. You can see on the Recipes tab of my blog some of the healthy meals I created while on the program (the Pad Thai zoodles were my favorite).

Then there is the workouts. Everyday there is a different workout; each workout is 30 minutes long. After the first workout, all I thought about was how sweaty I was, how physically exhausted I was, and how I ached all over. I didn’t think I could handle the workouts and almost gave up on the whole exercise portion of the program altogether. However, the trainer in the videos, Autumn Calabrese, encourages you to keep going even though it’s hard. She has a lot of sayings that stick and keep you motivated, but my favorite and the one that is most memorable to me is, “Think of why you started this program. Don’t quit. If you quit, the only person you’re quitting on is yourself. Don’t cheat the exercises, the only person you’re cheating when you do that is yourself.” I kept this in mind everyday during the 21 Day Fix, and it really kept me in a positive mindset to finish out the program.

Another part of this program is Shakeology. It’s a shake brand that Beach Body uses; the shakes come in multiple different flavors and contain hundreds of good for you ingredients; including vitamins, minerals, and super foods (like goji berries). I was hesitant about Shakeology because I had heard mixed results of people liking the shakes, but I was determined to try it and use it during the 21 day program. To my surprise, the shakes were DELICIOUS! Seriously though. My favorite shake flavor is chocolate-banana-peanut butter.

The last piece of this program was the accountability group that I was placed in. I didn’t just stumble upon this program one day and think “This would be good for me!” Beach Body and the 21 Day Fix were recommended to me by a friend, and this friend told me that her friend was a coach for the program and that I may want to consider looking into it. I contacted this coach (who now is a friend of mine and a huge motivator/inspiration to me) and I started my 21 Day Fix journey on August 29th, 2016. She added me to a Facebook group with 5 other women who would be joining me on this journey. We would check in every day and post when we completed our workouts and would motivate each other by posting our struggles and successes on the page. Without this group of ladies, I don’t know if I would have been as successful in this program as I was. A big shout out to Keaton Hambrecht (coach), Olivia Fox, Liz Tarman, Kastle Huffaker, Danica Delosreyes, and Ashley Walls for motivating me throughout the 21 days and inspiring me to continue with it past our 21 days together as a group!

This program taught me a lot about living a healthy lifestyle, but I also learned a lot about myself and some valuable life lessons. I’ve learned how to portion control my food successfully, push myself during workouts, and motivate other women to pursue their fitness goals. I’ve learned that you have to always keep in mind why you started something and why you want to finish it. You can’t quit, because the only person you end up quitting on is yourself. You only end up disappointing yourself when you don’t continue and finish a project out. Don’t become discouraged if you’re not making huge strides every week. Take one day (and one pound) at a time.

If you want to learn more about the Beach Body 21 Day Fix and are interested in trying this program, go to this website: This is my personal coach account, but every time someone signs up through me, I get rewards! This program has the ability to change your life and your mindset. It’s just one way to focus on the balance of happiness and healthiness. It’s what’s inspired me to blog about my Happy and Healthy Adventure; hopefully it does the same for you 🙂 ❤


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