Today I tried out a 21 Day Fix workout that came in addition to my 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack called the Plyo Fix. Plyo is short for plyometrics, which focuses on jumping. Exercises include squat jumps of different varieties, burpees, and exploding push-ups, just to name a few. It’s 30 minutes of jumping exercises and it’s TOUGH. It’s no joke. Hence why I titled my post “PlyOMG.”So when I woke up this morning, I was considering just doing the usual 21 Day Fix workout, the Cardio Fix. However, I knew I wanted to push myself as far as working out goes, so I decided to do this plyo fix, whether it left me completely physically exhausted or not.

I put my best foot forward and began. It was pretty simple to start out, the usual warm-up: running in place, jumping jacks, windmills, over the tops, and touching the toe twists. Then the hard exercises came. Squat jumps, one legged squat jumps, explosion push-ups, burpees, moguls, skater jumps, whole body jumping pushups, topped off with sumo squat jumps. To say I was tired (especially my legs) would be an understatement. But I finished the workout, and I felt great afterwards. It was rewarding to push myself to do what I thought I couldn’t do.

Every workout starts with an inspiring and motivating message from Autumn Calabrese, one of the super trainers associated with the 21 Day Fix and BeachBody. She is the lead trainer in the 21 Day Fix workouts, including the Plyo Fix. Today’s message way “You can do anything.” It’s true. You can do anything if you put your mind to it. You can do anything if you believe in yourself. Sometimes we just need a reminder that we can do anything that seems impossible to us, and Autumn’s words were the reminder I needed to push myself through this difficult workout and that I could do it as long as I stuck with it. I did what I thought I couldn’t do, and it felt great. You can do it too.

Whatever it is that you think is impossible and that you can’t do, it’s not because it’s an undoable task. It’s because you’re telling yourself that you can’t do it. It’s your mindset that’s failing you, and fear that you’ll crash and burn if you even attempt the task. But really, you can do it, especially if you believe in the words that Autumn spoke at the beginning of today’s workout and really take them in as truth. You can do anything. Repeat it to yourself as many times as you need until it sinks it. You can do anything.

So what is it exactly that I learned from today’s Plyo workout? Well, obviously, that you can do anything. Don’t let your mind and fear stop you from pursuing whatever it is. This mantra has taught me that you have to try whatever it is that you are seeking to do, whether it’s start a blog, complete a physically demanding workout, apply for a job, or whatever it is you want to pursue. Just do it, because you can do anything. If you run with this idea like I did, you can experience a happy and healthy adventure too 🙂 ❤

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