My Habit Trackers

Another great bullet journaling idea I’ve come across on Pinterest is the Habit Tracker. It’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like: a list of habits (good or bad) that you track on a daily or weekly basis. You can set up your Habit Tracker in many different ways (Pinterest has tons of layout ideas). I’ve tried a couple, but found the layout in this link to be the most effective for me. What I like about it is that you can track many different habits (they’ve tracked 14 on one page!) but it doesn’t take up multiple pages in your journal.I also like the habit tracker that can be seen in the featured image. This one was hard for me to execute, as I have a lined notebook and not a graph paper or plain paper one. You can track a variety of habits, you may see a layout with habits that you want to include in yours or ones you want to omit. Some of the habits I track are different than the ones that are seen in this link; but that’s what’s great about bullet journaling: it’s personalized and you track what you need to and find a format that fits your needs.

I want to emphasize that the images you see for bullet journals on sites such as Pinterest are great inspiration; know that yours don’t have to look EXACTLY like that. It’s just to get you started. Some of these are incredibly artistic, which is great! But if you don’t have an adept hand in art, don’t fret! Something I’ve learned about bullet journaling? Your journal is for YOU. Not for anyone else. If you really like a page in your journal and feel comfortable sharing it, by all means do so. But if not, just remind yourself that your journal is for your eyes only. It’s meant to help better yourself and keep your life organized. That’s why there’s so many different ways to bullet journal. No one way is the right way, no “one size fits all” format.

If you’re not into bullet journaling or into writing stuff out, I have a solution for you. There are many apps out there that are habit trackers. This is a great way to log your habits, especially if you’re a busy person and don’t have time to draw up a layout in a journal. One app that I use that I’ve liked so far is called Strides. Strides is a free app, and you can log up to 10 habits for free. If you want to log more, you have to upgrade and pay. You can select from pre-loaded habits, or create your own. Swipe right if you engaged in the habit, swipe left if you didn’t. It’s a simple app that executes the concept of habit tracking really well.

I do a combination of a bullet journal habit tracker and the mobile habit tracker. I have a lot of habits I like to track; some are better tracked in my journal, others are better suited for the mobile app. It might take awhile to get used to tracking your habits, but I guarantee it’s worth it! It’s kept me more organized and more aware of all of the habits I engage in. It’s been a helpful and eye-opening factor in my happy and healthy adventure, and it can be the same for you too. 🙂 ❤


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