21 Day Fix: Week 2

Another week of the 21 Day Fix for me has ended, and as I enter my third and final week of round 3 of this program, I was thinking about how this program has allowed me to change my mindset on my fitness and nutrition habits for the better and has showed me where there are areas for improvement as far as long-term changes go. I know I’m going to try to incorporate some of these changes going into the new year; which will ultimately lead to an even better happy and healthy adventure. 🙂 ❤


Cardio days are tough, but I like them because it feels like I’m getting a serious workout and burning TONS of calories. As far as nutrition goes, I did pretty well! We had a lot of leftovers from the night before, but I only picked the healthiest ones (beef, 1 yellow container of mashed potatoes, and green beans) to pack in my lunch. I love potatoes, and I know my mom’s mashed potatoes aren’t the healthiest, but she made 10 pounds of mashed potatoes for this party. No joke. I also made my new favorite shake recipe this day: Chocolate Raspberry. The bingo board task for the day was sharing a holiday tradition; my favorite is decorating gingerbread houses.


The upper fix workout is my favorite of all of the workouts of the 21 Day Fix. I don’t know if it’s because it makes me feel stronger or I find it the easiest of the workouts (it’s still tough!) but it was good exercise. Nutrition was the same as the day before. My challenge for the day was a wallsit. I got to 1 minute and 27 seconds, which I consider pretty good since it’s been years since I’ve done a wallsit!


Lower fix is another tough workout. I like it though because it strengthens my legs, which need to be strong so I can be effective at my job. Instead of green beans for lunch, I switched it up for broccoli. Other than that, same as the past 2 days. My task today was to share a motivational quote with my accountability group; I chose to post the one that is the featured image. Not only is the quote relevant to the 21 Day Fix program that I am participating in, but to every part of my life. I chose it because I think everyone can relate to this quote in regards to some part of their life.


I have the most trouble with Pilates. It’s all about “lengthening and strengthening the muscles.” The hardest part about the pilates workout is the side series. My hips are SO SORE afterwards that I want to skip that part of the workout all together. But I push through it because of my accountability group, and also because if I continue with pilates, I will become better at it over time. We finally finished the leftovers, so for lunch I had Costco mac and cheese (I saved 2 yellow containers for it) with broccoli. For dinner I had whole wheat pasta with marinara and meatballs. My challenge today was to share a healthy food alternative with my group. I mentioned that I love ice cream; I suggested that you pour Greek yogurt into ice cube trays, insert a popsicle stick, freeze, and ouila! Ice cream popsicles. I have another healthy food alternative that I’ll share in next week’s blog post; stay tuned.


I got my cardio workout done in the morning and it felt good to get a sweat going! Then, I had to buckle up for a LONG day of work. It was an exhausting day, and I was worried about my nutrition that night since they were feeding us at my second job. I had eaten healthy during the day, and luckily when it came to the dinner my whole diet wasn’t shot! I had my one container of yellow for pasta, one for meatballs, and half for marinara.


Got the Dirty 30 done in the morning, and it was pretty good for the most part! Side plank exercises are KILLER though. Ate a few more yellow containers than I should have, but I didn’t beat myself up about it like I normally would do because life is about balance.


I started my morning with 2 over easy eggs and an English muffin, then did my yoga workout. I have trouble with yoga, I’m not very flexible at all. But it does feel good to stretch out after so many days of tough workouts. I followed up with a mixed berry shake and shared that zoodles (zucchini noodles, recipe on the blog!) for pasta. We didn’t have reflection day today, so I figured that a blog post was a good option! 

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