21 Day Fix: Third and Final Week

Sunday (Christmas Day) was the last day of my third round of Beachbody’s 21 Day Fix. It was a tough week with the holiday weekend being the last two days, but I did my best. I wanted to provide my reflection on this past week and this round. Starting next year in January, I plan on returning to Beachbody’s program, but maybe using a new workout regimen to change it up! But for now I’m taking a two week break from Beachbody. This rest and recharge is going to benefit me on my happy and healthy adventure, sometimes we just need a break to keep on track. I hope you enjoy my thoughts on my final week and round 3! πŸ™‚ ❀


Made it through another Monday workout! Total body cardio fix really gets me moving and is the best workout for me. I started the day off with my favorite chocolate raspberry shake, and had one of my favorite (and pretty healthy!) dinners, stuffed bell peppers. They have great tasting ones pre-made at Costco, but they’re easy to make yourself. I had a few cookies in the evening (it is the holidays after all), but I kept it to a minimum.


Another great upper fix workout! Pretty similar dietary wise as yesterday, but for dinner we had baked potatoes with chili. This is another dinner I really enjoy, and it’s relatively healthy too. You can make your own chili (I make mine in a slow cooker) and use plain greek yogurt instead of sour cream for a healthy alternative topping.


My legs are getting stronger each day; I think the lower fix is part of the reason why. I ate light during the rest of the day so I could savor a Baja Fresh chicken burrito for dinner.


Normally I’m not into Pilates. It always gives me pain and soreness in my hips. One of my group members suggested using a folded blanket under your hip during the side series; I actually successfully did all of the exercises of the side series, no problem! Yogurt and berries for breakfast complimented by a small peppermint mocha, leftover chili for lunch, and tortellini soup for dinner! I had my shake for dessert.


Got my cardio done, it gets me going and gets me sweating! I ate pretty light throughout the day, which is good when it came to dinner because my dad made clam chowder. I had a small bowl and feasted on all of the crab legs that accompanied it.


I got my Dirty 30 workout done in the morning before the Christmas weekend festivities began. I had Christmas Eve dinner at my aunt’s house, but I actually stuck pretty closely to the diet (except when it came to dessert). The next day… a total fail on diet and exercise. But it’s Christmas, and I cut myself some slack because I had persevered through another round of the 21 Day Fix!

Overall Thoughts

I eat too many carbs and don’t eat enough veggies. My nutrition isn’t perfect. But I try to eat as healthy as I can each day, and hopefully at the start of the new year I can stick to a nutrition plan that is healthy and works well for me. I haven’t been exercising since Sunday when this round ended. Each day, I would do 30 minutes of exercising, which some days didn’t seem like enough. At the start of the new year, I’m planning to get more serious about my workout regimen and get some sort of exercise in every day. Doing another round of 21 Day Fix has made me realize that results happen at different rates for different people, but I have to follow the plan to a T for major results to occur. I hope anyone that reads this post or wants to buckle down on their nutrition and exercise can do so to energize and make their happy and healthy adventure as great as possible. πŸ™‚ ❀

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