Daring Greatly: Part 7

Part 7: Mind the Gap-Cultivating Change and Closing the Disengagement Divide  In order to experience change and to avoid disengaging (not caring), we have to be MINDFUL. Enjoy and remember to practice mindfulness on your happy and healthy adventure! 😊❀️ Pay attention to the space between where you’re standing and where you want to go … More Daring Greatly: Part 7

Daring Greatly: Part 4

Part 4: Understanding and Combating Shame Pt. 2 Another “chapter” on understanding and combating shame because it’s such a HUGE part of daring Greatly! Enjoy and remember to dare greatly on your happy and healthy adventure. 😊❀️ We’re expected to be perfect as women, but it should look effortless Remember, “YOU ARE ENOUGH” Need to … More Daring Greatly: Part 4

Daring Greatly: Part 2

Part 2: Debunking the Vulnerability Myths  Here’s my notes on part 2-enjoy this post and your happy and healthy adventure! 😊❀️ Myth #1: Vulnerability=weakness Vulnerability is the CORE of all EMOTIONS Emotions give MEANING to life If we want CLARITY in PURPOSE or deeper meaning in our SPIRITUAL lives, vulnerability is the path Vulnerability is … More Daring Greatly: Part 2

Uninvited: Chapter 16

Chapter 16: “What I Thought Would Fix Me Didn’t” This chapter is about how we do things because we think they’ll make us feel happier or make a problem better, but many times-this isn’t the case. “The spotlight never fixes our insecurities. It only magnifies what we thought popularity would cover up” (206). Many of … More Uninvited: Chapter 16