Why I’m Drinking Shakeology and Trying Core de Force

As a coach and a leader of a challenge group, I’m expected to promote the Beachbody brand and their programs, not just because it’s expected of me, but also because I enjoy using their products and because I want to be proof in showing people that this could WORK for them and that it works … More Why I’m Drinking Shakeology and Trying Core de Force

Get Out in Nature

Whether you live in the woods or in a big city, you should definitely get out and do something outside in nature. It doesn’t really matter what the activity is, it can be something as active as a run or as relaxed as a picnic. Regardless of your lifestyle, I would recommend trying to get … More Get Out in Nature


Hey Everyone! I thought today would be a great day to talk about Shakeology because it’s always a good idea to start off the week on the right foot, and one way to do that is with Shakeology! I also had an amazing PSL inspired shake to start off this morning following my intense Total … More Shakeology


Today I tried out a 21 Day Fix workout that came in addition to my 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack called the Plyo Fix. Plyo is short for plyometrics, which focuses on jumping. Exercises include squat jumps of different varieties, burpees, and exploding push-ups, just to name a few. It’s 30 minutes of jumping exercises … More PlyOMG